They say lost like it’s a bad thing


To me, getting lost isn’t about being unhappy, needing to change your current situation or state deriving from a separation of contentment, or feeling alone.  The truth is we all get lost, or we should.  Without getting lost, how can we ever be found? Think about it; I’ll use the predictable comparison you all saw coming of physically not knowing where you’re going.  Before smart phones, GPS, map quest, etc. knowing directions was an actual skill (one that I never mastered so I’m more than thankful for my maps and apps).  Someone who knew the area was a resource to others, could be proud of it and useful.  But if you didn’t have the knack for navigation (like me) you’d get lost often (and made fun or ridiculed of because of it).  Eventually I became used to it, and if there wasn’t a deadline for my arrival, I almost looked forward to it!  I saw places I would have never found had I “known where I was going.” And when I did get “back on track,” I was proud of myself for figuring it out on my own and growing.

Happy, sad, young or old – you don’t need to fit a profile, state of mind or age to find yourself. Some are fortunate enough to do so early in life and live their life aligned with their purpose, their passion. Others come across it later, and possibly wish they had found it earlier but maybe if they had, they wouldn’t have seen it staring at them in the face because they weren’t ready.  The important thing is to find “it,” find yourself, your passion, your reason for existence, your reason for breathing. And you’re more likely to find it sooner if you seek it! Romantic isn’t it? But the path to finding yourself isn’t always filled with romance.

If you never get uncomfortable, you’ll never be forced to push yourself. And I don’t directly associate discomfort with unhappiness; there is a whirlwind of emotions and situations that can push us to seek something more. I find discomfort, aka outside of a comfort zone or what we know to be true, more of a realization that there may be something more out there.  In accordance with, if I had always known where I was going, I would have never discovered my favorite reading nook tucked away near a creek on the other side of my friend’s neighborhood (whose house I got lost trying to find).  Maybe you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “I’m a self-starter, I don’t need to be forced to do anything. I’m determined enough to push myself on my own!” I have no doubt that you are, and that’s probably what I’d be thinking if I were reading this post by some mid 20-year old schmuck who can’t know a thing about life. But I’m not talking about pushing yourself for success, I’m referring to pushing yourself for purpose.  And perhaps you’re lucky enough to be clear in your purpose; and if you are, didn’t you have to go through at least a little heartache before feeling that comfort, that purpose, the sense of “home.” If you didn’t, how do you know? How can you be unshakenly sure that this is where you are meant to be? If you never feel wrong, do you know how absolutely amazing right can feel?

Many do it through travel. By expanding their comfort zones physically to push themselves and discover a person and passions they didn’t even know was hidden inside them. And I envy those people and yearn to see things that they have seen! Lately I have an itch, a wanderlust, to travel.  I indulge in my affair through reading travel blogs and following travel gurus on Instagram and Facebook.  But I’ve also realized I don’t need to travel the world or break the bank to uncover that potential.  I find bits and pieces of it almost everyday when I’m conscious of it, even in my own living room or just talking to a friend.

If you’ve looked at the headliner for my blog: “A Millenial documenting the art of losing herself in order to find purpose and passion” it’s clear that I’m not home yet, so to speak. So how can I write about something I haven’t found yet?  My answer is because I’ve seen glimpses of it.  And when I see those glimpses I feel a sense of oneness that at other times I yearn for, or get so distracted I forget it’s even there, even possible.  I have yet to harness it so that I can live off of it everyday, and that’s what my journey consists of.  I’m not sure it will ever end… I’m not sure if I want it to.

If you have any tips, suggestions, stories or anything to help me on my journey, I’m eager to hear them!  Whether you’ve found your purpose or not, I’ve realized that others, both lost and found, are the best maps to seeking my own glimpses of purpose! I’d love to hear about your journeys as well as follow blogs regarding them!




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